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How do I join?

Fill in a joining form at any library. You will be able to borrow books immediately. You can also apply to join the library by filling in our online Application for Membership form.

What can I find at the library?

There are thousands of books for all ages from babies to teenagers. You can get picture books, story-books, story-tapes and information to help with homework. Library staff will be happy to help you. You can use your library ticket at any of the libraries in Trafford.

Libraries also have DVDs, videos, CDs, PlayStation games and toys. You have to get your mum, dad or carer to sign a form to let you borrow these, and there is a small charge - see fees and charges.

Computer sessions

To book a session on the library computers, see a member of staff or book online.  To use the computers, first fill in a computer form, get your mum, dad or carer to sign it and hand it in at the library. The library staff will give you your own PIN number, which you can use with your library card to log into a computer. The first half- hour is free, but after that there is a small charge and you also have to pay for the pages that you print.

Contact us

How can we improve library services to children and young people? Would you like to tell us what you think? questionnaire for children and young people

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